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NaCo | Azrael by Kanlamari NaCo | Azrael by Kanlamari


    D A T A
    Azrael | Huā Jiàn lán ( 花剑兰 )


        July 5


        107 lbs.


    G O D  A R C
    Rosmarinus | Excalibur

      The blade of the god-arc resembles that of the traditional black Jian. It is marked with the pattern of Zeus, its hilt which is pointing toward the tip is his wings. The God Arc’s shield resembles a Nephilim-like Aragami’s halo, and its assault gun, its eyes.

【  P E R S O N A L I T Y  】

      [ Warm | Honest | Sentimental | Understanding | Curious ]
      Jian lan is a good-natured individual, effortlessly being able to adjust to different kinds of people and getting along with others. He is incredibly honest, but tries to highlight the good aspects of the truth. He is polite and understanding and often looks out for others, friends and strangers alike, and worries about their well-being. He is always ready to help people in need, and would find himself in circumstances he did not intend to be in just because he finds it difficult to say no. It does not matter how big or small of a favor asked from him for he never gets tired of responding to the needs of others.

      However, even with his friendly demeanor, he is rather secretive and prefers keeping things to himself, save for general information that would help gain another’s trust. He rarely talks about himself, and his peering into others as a way of getting to know is his method of diverting their attention to themselves. It is often mistaken for thoughtfulness due to his gentle manner of speaking. In truth, he is fascinated about other people and unconsciously sees them as a source of knowledge and subject of his curiosity. He is attracted to people who piques his interest, and becomes thrilled to know more about them.

      Seemingly keeping a facade, he truly cares about the people around him and is in fact very sentimental. It is difficult for him to express his feelings and would find himself stuttering and out of words to say when trying to voice out his thoughts. In the end, he wishes to surround himself with people whom he truly understands.

    S T R E N G T H S | W E A K N E S S
      + He is very considerate about other people.
      + He practices the discipline of Bàguà Zhǎng, and utilizes it even when using his God Arc.
      + He is agile and lithe and uses the defensive form of attacking by default but unless faced with a foe that requires him to go for the offensive.

      - He is too intuitive and would make decisions mostly based on his emotions.
      - He deals with conflicts through compromise where everyone could meet halfway, thus, not producing any desirable results for either party. At worst cases, he compromises and puts his own satisfaction on the line.
      - He has a relatively poor stamina due to his past heart condition.

    L I K E S | D I S L I K E S
      + Painting
      + Milk Éclair
      + Gardening
      + Poetry

      - Violence
      - Indecent or disrespectful behavior/language
      - Liquor
      - Cold

【  M E M O I R  】

    “Where are you going?”

    Cold wind blew through the room from the open balcony. A young lady stood by the ledge while the boy only stayed still where he stood, a couple meters away from her. His earlobe throbbed from his newly-pierced ear which he had requested for his birthday as a sign of his coming of age. A sapphire earring now on his left ear matched her ruby earring on her right. Though she wore the same smile she often showed, he couldn’t help but notice that it was different—that unwavering smile that tries to cover the hurt. She stood quietly by the balcony of his room from where she had previously entered from, whilst now she’s using to leave. Shortening the distance between them, the boy gently took her right hand, affectionately stroking her slender fingers as his eyes fell upon the black and gold bracelet which cannot be mistaken for any other.

    “You… have become a God Eater.”
    The Gladiolus | 剑兰
    The flower of remembrance
    Born with a defect in his heart, Jiàn lán has always been sheltered by his family in fear of his condition. He successfully went through surgery at a young age, but his parents stayed anxious about their son’s condition and kept him home as much as possible. Being the firstborn, it was only natural. Even as he reached the age when he could go to school, they decided to make him study under a private tutor so he wouldn’t have to leave. This further secluded the child from other people, save for the ones who visit for business and those he meets at his parents’ social gathering. With the desire to be around other people, he asked his mother, who was a master of the Bàguà Zhǎng, to train him. This was in the intention of being able to socialize with the other students.

    He was delighted being with other people even though most of them were adults or were older than him by a few years. It was later on he realized that these people were neither interested nor want to be involved with him because he was far younger, and they saw him just as a child whom they did not need to pay heed to. He started to perceive others nothing more than objects of interest as none of them treated him as an equal. Through observing, he learned that people differ from one another and became interested in knowing more about them. He became transparent, only showing what they wanted to see and in turn, they showed their true colors to him. All of them were too opaque. How dull, he thought.
    My Beloved | 爱仁
    The one who is most precious
    It wasn’t until a girl, who was older than him by only a good few years, came with her father who said he was worried about the welfare of his daughter, especially she was coming of age and is already pursued by a lot of admirers. He wanted her to learn to be able protect herself with the guidance of Jiàn lán’s mother. Being a God Eater, he is not able to look after her as much as he desired and so she was admitted to the training. The girl was beautiful, she had a kind, sweet voice and she always smiled. To the boy however, she was only like those adults who always seem to keep to themselves and ignore the inferior, especially a child such as he. One day, after training, the usually smiling girl sat down in a corner with a sort of peculiar expression on her face as she removed her shoes. She wasn’t smiling as she used to, but she was quiet and to him, seemed troubled. The curiosity of the young boy led him to sit in front of her, and she in return looked at him, still with that gentle expression. “What is it?” she asked, to which the boy only replied with silence. He looked down at her feet, seeing that she had blisters and callouses; quite different from what he imagined her feet to be. She must be sore, but her expression did not say that at all. “Is there anything you need?” The girl only shook her head and smiled, like the usual. “I’ll be alright,” she answered. But people don’t say they are alright and smile even if they are, in fact, in pain. Was she also opaque like the others?

    Being another subject of his curiosity, he often approached her after training and tried to converse like he did with others. She was new and therefore there were a lot of things he may learn about her. Strangely enough, he never got satisfying answers from her even though she did not reply in riddles. It seemed as though she had her way to be able to dodge his questions and that only made him more fascinated and drawn to her. He wanted to know. He wanted to uncover and hear—what is running in her mind?

    Their parents being close friends, he was eventually allowed to go out and see her. This gave him a chance to seek for his answers and know her better. She still shows him the same expressions she had when they first met: cheerful and carefree. Even with this strange fascination, their relationship came to that of being friends, and even if the curiosity did not lessen, he became more concerned of spending more time with her due to the fact that she has school and ballet practices, therefore having very little free time. He does everything he could just to be with her—talking with her during training, visiting her during her breaks, and attending every single ballet performance she would partake in. Their limited time together made him cherish every moment they spend with each other. He eventually forgot why he always came to her in the first place. His dull world was only filled with her. With that, he was content. Until…

    He overheard his parents talking, learning about the death of the girl’s father. He was killed during an encounter with an Aragami. What would she be feeling? Like that time, when they first talked, will she still smile? Will she still say she was alright? Though he tried to see her as soon as he can, he was not permitted to, and eventually, the girl was nowhere to be found. Once again, everything was dull.
    The God | 上帝
    Those who are they are
    On his birthday, yet another uninteresting day, he arrived at his room, finding the balcony door open. He felt as if his heart stopped the moment his eyes set upon a familiar figure. He would’ve ran towards her and clasp her in his arms as his chest tightened in both pain and glee. Where has she been all this time? She smiled like she used to, but she seemed different. And that was when…

    “You… have become a God Eater.”

    She only replied with a smile, like how she used to. This was how it is. Though his whole life these things called Aragami never had any relevance to him suddenly bore meaning. It was the same gods that took her father away, but he won’t let them take the woman he so cherished.

    And with that as a resolve, he soon found himself among others who had a different kind of resolution but with the same black and gold bracelets in their arms.

    God Eaters.

【  M I S C E L L A N E O U S  】

    R E L A T I O N S H I P S

      NaCo . Primrose by hen-tie
      Rosemary Lovelace
        Being childhood friends, she only sees him as a little brother though Azrael sees her more than that. She is the reason why he entered Nathair and decided to become a God Eater. He openly tells her his feelings and asks her to stop referring to him as dìdi (little brother).

        Because of the girl’s innocence, Azrael can’t help but feel the need to protect her and spoil her, much like a little sister. It is impossible for him to say no to her requests.

        As a leader of Maelstrom, he is dependable and looks out for everyone in the group. He and Azrael make sure to support each other to be able to protect the girls. Because he is in charge of everyone, Azrael often becomes worried he is pushing himself, and wishes that Noah could depend on him more.

  • His name Jiàn lán refers to the Gladiolus flower.
  • Jiàn lán prefers to be called ‘Azrael’, his pen name which he uses for his paintings.
  • He always has milk éclair, and would often be seen having one in his mouth.
  • He still continues to train under his mother though he could now be considered a master at the art of Bàguà Zhǎng.

Ah, finally, able to finish this app. I was worried I won't make it since I was in the middle of my thesis and all... but not only did I finish the last project for school(ever), I also successfully finished this app. Azrael's been one of my favorite characters, so being able to put him in an app makes me really happy. MAHOU SHONEN//thrown

I played GE last year and immensely loved it, but now is the only time I was able to get the logic behind the changing forms of the god arc. I based Azrael's god arc on the black Jian blade(funny his name is Jian lan, describing the Gladiolus flower that looks like a sword). I don't know if the blade on his god arc could still be considered a Jian, but I'm pretty sure it's one of those short blade ones, the kind that gives you more advantage in speed. I preferred the buster type while I was playing though(cuz I'm real buff//smacked), it was real sweet to beat the shit out of a Quadriga and the creepy Amaterasu.

Oh, also for the chapter names on his bio, I've been reading too much Bride of the Water god and almost decided to name the chapters based on mythological gods, Houyi and Cheng'e but I think no one will understand that aha. I've been too into romantic stuff lately that even my app and character is overly romantic. Back to app talk--thanks to hen-tie for helping me out with the app. Yayy
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